Black Stallion

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Advanced reservations may be needed for special groups of 10 or more people. An advanced reservation "administration fee" of $1 per person is charged for this service. Check with us first to verify the date, time and type of function. After we verify availability, in order to make your advanced reservation, Click on the "Advanced Reservation Button" and enter your payment option and information. We will send you confirmation details by email.


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Black Stallion , Costa Rica Restaurant

We offer a rustic ranch style evening that's private & exclusive.We specialize in small groups & also do special events for families & friends. ( What we do, is BBQ just for u.) The BBQ is outside in " the shack "under the stars, people relax in the Cafe & Saloon, which is a unique rustic wood design.The best way to descibe the set up is " Costa Rican cowboy Saloon with a surfer twist."We make every evening special & unique ! It is reservations only. Please book in advance. We start at 7 pm & BBQ the best local assorted meats,lomo,ribs,pork,steak,chorizo,ranch chicken & veggies. Then finish the evening with a tropical desert that's always a surprise, followed by a tropical blended some thing good. We start BBQ ing at 7pm. & The food is served no later than 7.30 Pm.We suggest people arrive at 6.30-7 Pm.The good news we have a new paved road so it's a quick trip from tamarindo.The BBQ dinners we do are a feast, so it's very unlikely u will leave hungry.See u soon & Pura Vida !



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